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I'm not a good storyteller, but at least this is true. For the opportunity to walk with my dog ​​so I really had doging Voyer. A I often wonder about some of the people I've seen him do, how they are doing porn99 and where they are now. I remember a visit to a northern beach, especially a truck until the end of EXTREEM Sandun was parked. beautiful slim blonde girl and her partner was the driver, who has made a very big house cap since he began his first name with M after obsurving activity around the open back of the truck that approached. A couple of men between the doors, standing, walked and walked around the truck a few times, then come.... Stand behind the men I could see that the couple had a video monitor in front of the truck. have been watching videos of BDSM... vicious beating not only soft and cane, occasionally a young woman 's face would be about a curtain in the cabin mates are going after a whiI relised that the person in the video... was the same girl in the front of the truck. All this was in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon. Scattered porn99 birders sand dune area with Sun binoculers flickuring. Gradualy front edges closer and closer. porn99 A group of boys had gathered in the open van doors, watching the videos. any case, porn99 after 20 minutes, she came and sat behind the curtain in the back of the truck... Then he went on his own legs and wrists to the chains on the wall ribs are built Associate, was not wearing underwear, only a plaid skirt and porn99 white blouse. do not know what was happening, but said the couple womans with all men in the driver's open window, before the two have in it once in the back of the truck. I do not want to get into the car, because more than happy just to be considered only, although the view was somewhat limited, I have an idea of ​​severe burns on the rise and pushing between her legs open. output segment was intence, which is the light of day, and one was a busy time at the beach, so much so that the car was shaking from side to side... The men entered through the back door open and go one after another through the passenger door, then disappeared into the dunes. If young people or couples in their cars going around, will porn99 the doors were closed, and people filtered into the dunes, broken down and talk, the show was Strickly adults. dogers others told me that the blonde has made his game as well.. fun even amateur photographers and entrepreneurs in their lunch break at different places in the CP outdoor bondage and soft. bert
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